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Get in the Bin:

Working directly with the head of communications at housing association, Tower Hamlets Homes, I was tasked with working on a multi-media campaign against fly tipping. Part of this campaign involved a promotional video, which I was given the responsibility of leading. The campaign had to be appropriate for local residents/ the general public, and its purpose was to inform viewers on the consequences of fly tipping, as well as encouraging them to dispose of waste correctly. With those guidelines in mind, I otherwise had complete creative freedom on this project to play around with various ideas. Working closely with an animator, I set her a brief, as well as taking responsibility for the creative direction and writing. Other areas of the campaign I’ve worked on include copywriting across promotional content, and writing press releases.

Campaign videos:

The Horror of fly tipping was the first of the two videos, and drew inspiration from old-school horror posters, to emphasise the idea of almost scaring people off. The second video, Bin Love, takes an alternate approach. I wanted the two videos to contrast in terms of creative direction, with one discouraging individuals from fly-tipping, by informing of the consequences, whereas the second focuses on encouragement and positive reinforcement. It was important that one of the animations had a hands-on, tactile approach, in order to connect with the subject matter; I wanted to draw parallels between the idea of ‘rubbish’ and recycling, with a collaged and layered aesthetic in the second video. I also wanted to stray away from a lot of existing council led campaigns, that had quite a generic, authoritarian feel to them, by ensuring we injected a lot of personality and humour into the campaign.

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