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House of Sunny:

3 months at independent London fashion studio, as a social media and marketing intern.

I created social media content in a variety of forms, from influencer photoshoots, product flat-lays, promo banners, to gifs. As well as the standard of content and following brand guidelines, there was also an emphasis on understanding the Instagram algorithm and using this to my advantage.

The marketing aspect of this role would often underpin my creative choices, in order to appeal to the commercial side of things and ultimately boost sales. I would compile weekly analytics reports using insights across Instagram, Depop, Marketplace, and website sales; this allowed the brand to continue creating engaging content, whilst maximising sales.

Other areas I worked on include: writing and proof-reading copy, aspects of PR, press/PR send outs, reaching out to influencers and buyers, and assisting the sales team with excel-based tasks.

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