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My  final year self devised project stemmed from researching into the topic of knife crime. Following up from my dissertation on youth violence, I created a set of creative outcomes that aimed to deal with what I believe to be one of the root causes; a lack of youth services due to austerity. Whilst I noticed the link between the two, I didn't want to repeat what's already out there, as I didn't feel these dealt with the issue effectively, and youth centres had become outdated and out of touch with their clientele.


Mesh gives youth services a brand identity, and adopts marketing and visual techniques associated with the brands, the consumer actually engages with. Consisting of three main components:

Mesh In real life - a physical youth space

Mesh Magazine - a contribution led publication for young people to submit work to

@Meshmagazine_ - Instagram page that acts as the central hub for all campaigns, and shares useful information like creative job opportunities.   

This project allowed me to explore a wide range of areas, from editorial print, interior design, writing, and social media strategy.

To see the Mesh website I also created for this project, click here

The Mesh Marketing Pack 

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