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Ella Does Food:

Over lockdown I decided to create a food-Instagram, to share images and recipes. Cooking is something I’ve always been passionate about, but by creating this account, I was able to put to use what I learnt during my social media and marketing internship, and really familiarise myself with the ever-changing social algorithms. In a short space of time, I’ve grown my following to over 3200 followers, by staying on top of the algorithm, posting consistently, and engaging with other accounts.  I’ve landed PR partnerships with various brands, and even ran a sponsored ‘give away’, where another business offered a prize. 

After my page initially took off quite well over lockdown, I felt like it started to become a bit stagnant in terms of engagement, and I'd lost my excitement towards it. Whilst my love for food never dissapated, on the social side, I definitely started to lose the passion for it; however, by actively rebranding my content, it allowed me to rediscover my love for content creation. The new direction I've taken the page in, allows me to really bridge my interests in both cooking, but also creativity and design.

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