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  • Ella Noonan

Fendi Menswear A/W 2018

One of my favourite collections I've seen in quite a while is the Fendi 2018 AW, mens collection. Packed head to toe, quite literally, with thick furs, leathers, and earthy tones, there's something incredibly inviting an cosy about it. perhaps it's the soft, wooly textures and ready bear colour scheme that make you long for these cold months to last a little longer in the hopes that you'll somehow acquire one of the many incredible jackets within the collection.

The rich fabrics in coalition with the large, loose fitting silhouettes, creates a collection that manages to perfectly balance comfort with style.The jackets in particular give me a strong Dapper Dan/90's hip-hop sort of vibe but with a more modern edge. My personal favourite look has to be the brown fur jacket, monogrammed cross body bag and bucket hat combo (third image). I never thought I'd see there day where festival staples looked so wealthy. See my personal highlights of the collection below.


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