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  • Ella Noonan

Moschino's Fresh Couture Gold Campaign

Predictable, tacky, and easily forgotten are the words that spring to mind when I look at Moschino's recent perfume campaign for 'Fresh Couture Gold'. Their new perfume ads features a serious looking Joan Smalls, practically drowning in thick gold jewellery that looks like something taken from my 8 year old sisters dressing up box. She's dressed in a gold chain mail skirt and a black leather jacket; edging over the line between kitsch and cool to just plain gaudy is something that's become synonymous with Moschino if you ask me. If someone were to Photoshop the text to say 'misguided' instead of Moschino, I wouldn't even question it. I appreciate it's them who takes the ideas from the big brands like Moschino however I think Jeremy Scott should maybe realise it's a bit of a red flag when these campaigns that cost thousands end up looking more like something from a throw-away, online, high-street brand.

The large gold spray bottle that the perfume comes in, surprisingly isn't the part that's stressing me out so much. I feel that the humour in the design does allow it to get away with it's otherwise vulgarity. Had they embodied that humour throughout the rest of the ad, they could have created something memorable and witty. Unfortunately instead the outcome is more like a cross between Paco Rabanne's one-million, and a thousand other Moschino ads.

Thankfully in terms of the casting I have no grievances, she's about the only part of the campaign that I don't want to set on fire. Had they selected someone like Cara Deleveigne or Gigi Hadid, I don't think I would have actually been able to write a blog post on it without just getting too angry about the level of copping out.

Ah well, all we can do now is just hope that all this repetition is just leading up to something out of the ordinary and spectacular.


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