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  • Ella Noonan

Shrimps Appreciation

If 3 weeks ago you were to ask me for my opinion on shrimps, I'd have bluntly told you that they're absolutely vile with a texture that I can only describe as how I'd imagine biting into a human brain would feel. Ask me that question now, and whilst I still firmly stand by that statement, I can also confidently say that Shrimps the clothing brand on the other hand makes me feel an entirely different type of way.

Garishly bright colours, absurdly chunky sihllouettes, and a 'fuck you' attitude to anyone who tries to tell you that faux fur can't be worn in Summer. You want it? Shrimps Has it.

I must confess that my personal day-to-day get up tends to consist of a men's baggy jumper, a pair of boyfriend jeans that I've recently noticed are laced with copious amounts of unintentional holes, and a pair of overly clunky trainers to swallow up my ridiculously small ankles. So before I go on to express my undying love for this retailer of fluffy pink coats and dresses with frills, I don't wan't you to be disillusioned into thinking that A. I own a single item of clothing even remotely similar, or B. I could ever afford to. Alas, the main hurdles blocking me from achieving my dreams to consistently/ever be the best dressed person in the room; my bank account, and an overwhelming sense of laziness.

Anyway, enough of me dressing like one of my brothers, and back to the wonderful whimsical Brand that is Shrimps. Created by designer and History of Art graduate, Hannah Weiland really has made her mark within the fashion industry. Fueled by her love for animals, Weiland created a brand that makes garments of of Faux fur that look just as good if not better than the real thing. People often misconstrue faux fur as this dated and tacky concept that simply abolishes any sense of class or taste. This is a view that perhaps in the past had a fair amount of accuracy behind it, however we now have the ability to manufacture faux fur of an impeccably high standard - It really does raise the question of why are animals being harmed at the expense of a warm coat.

The clothes from shrimps range from understated printed shirts to floor length, toxic-waste-green coats, so there really is something for everyone (perhaps not from a financial perspective). However, for me the clothes are on the same level of importance as the brand's overall aesthetics and attitudes. With a giant pink shrimp mouse curser and colourful illustrations of rabbits, and cows, delving into the Shrimps website really is a Pandora's box full of surprises.


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