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  • Ella Noonan

The 2018 Met Gala - the Highs and Lows

A congregation of A-listers, a theme laced with ambiguity, and blurring the lines between couture and fancy dress; it can only mean one thing, it's that time of year again for the annual Met Gala. This year marked the 70th anniversarry of the event making it that extra bit even more special as far as the fashion fundraiser goes. Alongside Anna Wintour who's been chairing the event since 1995, this years list of co-chairs included Amal Clooney, Rihanna and Donatella Versace. One existential factors in what make the event so different to anything else is its unique theme each year. The theme of the event links to the exhibition that will be displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (where the event takes place), with this years theme being 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.'

Stained glass windows, angels and a sense of higher powers come to mind when initially faced with this theme. Combine that with months of planning between designers and stylists, alongside a celebrities bank account and desire to impress, and an array of visually striking ensembles are a mere certainty. So in no particular order are my personal picks that stood out to me in some way or another be it a good thing or not.

Rihanna - Wearing Maison Margiela by John Galliano.

To kick things off, I had no choice other than to begin with the modern day messiah of looking good. The queen herself and inventor of not giving a single fuck, of course Rihanna. No matter how hard others may try, no one does it quite like her and she absolutely killed it with her take on reinventing the pope. Just yesterday I was an atheist, but alas I've found my new religion.

Stella Maxwell - wearing Moschino

Personally, I'm all here for Stella Maxwell's beautifully crafted Moschino gown, covered in religious iconography. It keeps with the theme to a T and cleverly amalgamates traditional religious values with modern day glamour.

Winnie Harlow - wearing Tommy Hilfiger

Next up a vision in white; breathtaking beauty Winnie Harlow, sports a more traditional take on the theme (yet by no means more understated) in her all white ball gown. I'm not usually one for tent like skirts however this bold, bridal inspired look accompanied by a matching ornate head piece, is the kind of show stopper that encompasses everything the Met Gala stands for.

Katy Perry - wearing Versace

Now I hate to put a downer on things but sadly with money and creativity can often come some creations that didn't quite hit the mark. And Katy Perry exhibits a prime example of this. I mean A* for effort because it's evident the girl's a trier,however with that needs to come taste and sadly that appears to have been lacking with this ensemble. Surprisingly the 800 foot wings are with out a doubt the best part of this hot mess of an outfit. For me the real problem lies within the bizzarre space-hooker style boots and the matching dress. I can almost hear the voice of the late Joan Rivers, screaming "Oh honey, do us all a favour and just set the sorry thing on fire!"

Kendall Jenner - wearing Off-White with Tiffany & Co jewellery

On the opposite end of the hate it spectrum, is Kendal Jenner's mind numbingly boring, all white trouser and top get up. Don't get me wrong, Don't get me wrong, she looks stunning as ever and in regards to her outfit, I actually quite like it - just by no means for the met gala. Her complete disregard for the theme just screams 'poor effort' to me, she could have at least put on a halo for heaven's sake (pardon the pun),. Honestly this outfit has lead me to believe that money is wasted on her; they're literally given free reign to be as extravagant and creative as their hearts desire, yet the most exciting thing about this outfit is a sheer glove. Yawn.

Lily Collins - wearing Givenchy

Going for a much less ethereal take on 'Heavenly Bodies', Lilly Colins manages to be both elegant yet unnerving in her nun's habit inspired gown. Her approach to the theme was thoughtful and less of an obvious choice. The mix of black fabrics along with her metal headpiece, resulted in a beautifully gothic look. One of the key contributing factors in what made her look such a success is the detail within her makeup. The glitter beneath her eyes and a singular red tear equate to a very impactful and dramatic look despite being so simple


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