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Work From Home (not the 5th Harmony song):

Group Work - Team of 3, including myself.

My Role: photography, styling, creative direction, production/layout of the 'Suit Direct Coffee Table Book', as well as the creative concept mood-board and idea.

During final year, I completed a group project in which we worked closely with Suit Direct, to re-brand the company in a way that engaged with a new, younger consumer, whilst maintaining the existing one. 

Our final concept was drawn from the brands tagline 'the home of menswear', and centred around a sense of homeliness. We carried out research into the feelings and connotations associated with the word 'home' and decided to create a campaign that evoked these emotions, whilst conveying a sense of aspiration and element of humour. One of our key aims was to inject some personality into the brand, so a slightly  offbeat set of images of an overdressed man in his living-room ought to do it. 

This project took place in the midst of the COVID19 lockdown, so we heavily adapted our ideas and moved with the times, to ensure our outcomes were timely. Using MS Teams to meet remotely, we successfully worked together despite the situation, and allocated each other different tasks that would play to our strengths.  Incorporating the pandemic within our narrative allowed us to engage customers further; a way in which we did this was by featuring an Instagram competition into our marketing mix, that involved the consumer taking photos in their 'workfromhome' looks, for the chance to win a suit. 

Our work was selected by the Suit Direct marketing director, as the winner due to the ready to use and well executed outcomes.

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